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About Me

I just wanted to get started blogging for fun so I decided to give it a try.  I live in Texas, went to Texas A&M, and, as you’ll discover quickly, am conservative and very patriotic.

I titled the blog “HOWDY!” because that’s what we say at A&M – it’s a friendly place.

  1. Found you by your comment on a blog post about the FBI/Obama investigation. Did you graduate in 03? I started college @ A&M in 99. Eventually left and went to UNT to pursue a more artistic degree. LOL…clearly A&M wasn’t the appropriate school for that. My entire family are Aggies though, so it’s close to my heart. And you live in Texas! It’s The Homeland. We moved to Wyoming a year ago and only then did I truly realize how blessed we are to be from and live in Texas.

  2. Jeff permalink

    I was class of ’03, but graduated in ’05. My first son was born during my time there (I went back to school at age 31. My degree is mechanical engineering. Depending on the artistic degree, A&M may very well not be the place – UNT is a good school, I have a couple of friends and a couple of cousins who went there.

    I would like to visit Wyoming some time, but you are right – Texas is it.

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