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False Statements

April 30, 2010

The Quincy, Illinois Police Department released a statement concerning Tea Party protesters near President Obama’s location:

During President Obama’s address, at approximately 1530 hours, the MFFT was deployed. A group of individuals positioned themselves on the south side of York Street near 3rd Street. This was within the area that was to be kept secure at the request of the U. S. Secret Service agents in charge of the site. Prior to the event only ticketed individuals were to be in this area; during the event it was restricted to the general public completely. Secret Service personnel requested these individuals leave the area and to go back to the north side of York Street. They did not complyQuincy Police Department personnel made the same requests and again they did not comply. At that time the MFFT was deployed to stand post between the individuals and the site and, if necessary, remove the individualsOnce the MFFT was in place, the individuals agreed to move. Once everyone complied and the site was again secure, the MFFT returned to their staging point. No physical force was used during this deployment.

The response from Jim Hoft, who was there are posted this at Gateway Pundit:

Of course, this ludicrous statement is a complete fabrication. We are currently contacting the police department to retract their statement.

The problem that the Quincy PD has is that there is video evidence to support Hoft’s claims and not theirs. Of course, people lying to make the Tea Party look bad is nothing new. It’s been going on since the Tea Party formed, but especially after Scott Brown won in Massachusetts.

People accuse Tea Partiers of yelling racial epithets at congressmen, but when video shows it didn’t happen, the only retort is that if you don’t believe a great civil rights leader like John Lewis, then you’re a racist. Apparently, if John Lewis said it happened, then the video is lying.


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  1. The Center Square permalink

    The statement makes reference to initial efforts by the Secret Service and the police to clear the street. None of the video relates to that.

    Next, according to the statement, “Once the MFFT was in place, the individuals agreed to move. Once everyone complied and the site was again secure, the MFFT returned to their staging point.” That seems to be exactly what the video shows.

    What is the dispute here? I don’t understand what police fabrication is being claimed.

  2. Jeff permalink

    If you watch all the videos at Gateway Pundit, there is evidence of the protesters following instructions before the MFFT was dispatched.

  3. The Center Square permalink

    I did, and I didn’t see that any of the video covered the time before the MFFT got there. Maybe you can point me in the right direction.

  4. The Center Square permalink

    I should clarify, there is plenty of video preceding when the MFFT got there, but unless I missed it, it just shows the people rallying — not the Secret Service or police attempts to clear the street. Again, maybe you could help me with an approximate timestamp on which video that shows people doing as instructed by those officials.

    In any event, clearly there were lots of people in the street when MFFT got there. If the people rallying did follow the instructions of the Secret Service and/or police prior to MFFT being summoned, clearly they did so only briefly, and soon were back out in the restricted area.

  5. The Center Square permalink

    Sorry for commenting in pieces, but I was really bothered by this, so I went back and watched every second of all three videos again.

    I was right. There is no video of the encounter between the Secret Service and local police. The first and only video of anyone attempting to relocate the protesters starts at 4:50 of the first video, and that is when MFFT arrives. Same thing for the other two videos.

    Also, I was right that the protesters were in the street, which I take to be the restricted area, when the MFFT arrived.

    The police department’s statement appears to be 100% correct. I ask you again, what is the false statement?

    All of that is just about the factual validity of the police statement, and the characterization of it as false. I also have a comment about the event itself. The most fundamental bedrock value of the American conservative movement, going back to Buckley and the founding fathers, has been social stability. There is a disturbing contempt for law enforcement exhibited by these protesters. The whole scene plays out as an opportunity to enjoy their humiliation. Taken in large doses, that is profoundly destabilizing and anti-conservative. A movement that fails to display a sense of appreciation and respect for our law enforcement community is out of step with mainstream Americans.

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