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Your Papers Please

April 27, 2010

Apparently, Eugene Robinson is yet another Liberal who has no knowledge of the subject upon which he comments. Redstate reports that he doesn’t like that the Arizona immigration law recently passed will require legal immigrants to carry papers proving their right to be here. The problem – federal immigration law ALREADY REQUIRES THAT.



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  1. Will permalink

    It is usually good practice to actually read the article in question and not just base your opinion on one sentence, and then of course not provide any actual insight. The problem that Robinson has with the law is that it requires racial profiling, which is not only racist but is also counterproductive and does not work.

  2. Jeff permalink

    I did read the article and I was not judging the entire article on one sentence. I was echoing the point that he’s complaining about something that already exists under federal law. The law doesn’t require racial profiling any more than any other law does. If law enforcement receives a call about two white guys who mugged someone, they don’t go looking around at blacks and Hispanics – they look for white guys. Is that racist?

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