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Tea Party Racism

April 26, 2010

I guess Lloyd Marcus is a racist. I mean, he attends Tea Party rallies and sings songs. Of course, there’s one little thing that makes that hard to believe:

Of course, that just means he’s an Uncle Tom (a complete misinterpretation of the character, by the way) to Liberals.


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  1. Will permalink

    I bet you have a black friend too, which means you couldn’t possibly be racist! Because racism is all about individual acts of prejudice and anecdotal evidence, and not institutionalized racial oppression.

  2. Jeff permalink

    I know black people that I respect and think are great folks but no, I don’t have any really close black friends. Of course, as you alluded to, that means absolutely nothing. I have always disliked the “but I have black friends” response myself.

    The particular racism the media and Democrats are accusing the Tea Party of is exactly that – individual acts (albeit in a group) of prejudice. That’s what I was addressing, not any form of institutionalized racism.

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