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Goldman Sachs and Obama

April 21, 2010

So, Obama receives just short of $1 million from Goldman Sachs and now there is controversy surrounding that firm (coincidental, I suppose, that Sachs is being investigated just when legislation is being pushed on the same topic). Bush received about 1/9th as much from Enron but the howling was deafening about the connection.

Where’s the howling now?

Once again, I guess what was bad for Bush is good for Obama (like the Patriot Act, the Iraq War, and the bank bailouts, just to name a few) in the eyes of the media and the left (okay, same thing).


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  1. The Goldman Sachs situation is miles short of Enron at the moment. The fraud they are accused of bears very little resemblance.

    With regard to GS, their is still so much uncertainty about what evidence the SEC actually has.

    If GS is exposed for more serious crimes, then I have no doubt that Obama will feel some heat.

  2. Jeff permalink

    The severity of the crime has nothing to do with my point. My point is that if this exact situation happened with Bush, the outcry would be deafening. I’m just wondering why Obama gets a pass.

    Oh, well, I suppose it would be racist.

  3. Haha. Perhaps. I will concede that the media may be lighter on Obama.

    But my point is, these aren’t like for like circumstances, so we can’t expect like for like media reactions.

    Enron was extroadinary criminal behaviour.

    Noone is even sure if GS has done anything wrong yet (least of all the SEC).

  4. Jeff permalink

    True, but it’s not like for like in the amount of the donation. Bush got about $151k from Enron – Obama got over $900k from GS.

    It would just be nice if the media happened to notice.

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