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BPA and Coke

April 21, 2010

Coke shareholders are in a tizzy over the fact that there is BPA still used in the canning of Coke products. Everyone is up in arms over the dangers of BPA. Well folks, it’s about like the saccharine scare years ago – much ado about nothing.

If anyone took a moment or two to look at the numbers, they would realize that a person would have to consume ridiculous amounts of Coke to be exposed to toxic levels of BPA.

So, I did some Google searches and then some math.

Let’s assume we have a 30 pound child (13.6 kg). According to what I have found, the average amount of BPA in the tested soft drinks was .57 micrograms per liter – for this, lets make it an even 1 microgram per liter. The maximum safe level of BPA is listed as .05 milligrams per kilogram. After a bit of math, that 30 pound child would have to drink 680 liters (1,916 cans) of soda PER DAY to reach the maximum safe level of BPA.

Remember, this is for a 30 pound toddler. For a 150 lb adult, it would be 3,400 liters or 9,580 cans per day.

Calm down and pay attention to your driving. You’ll save more people.

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