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What the…????

September 23, 2009

Did these idiots not learn ANYTHING? Some Republicans tried to stop this mess in 2003 and 2005 and Democrats blocked every attempt.  Now, after the economic troubles of the last year, they want to “enhance” the CRA?  Are they really that stupid?

With all the attention paid to the health care battle, ACORN, and the president’s “Full Ginsburg” appearances on five Sunday talk shows, few people noticed a hearing with an exceedingly boring title — “Proposals to Enhance the Community Reinvestment Act” — held last week in the House Financial Services Committee. But the session marked a key moment in the ongoing battle between Republicans and Democrats over what caused our current financial woes — and how we might best avoid getting into the same trouble again.

via Democrats on path to repeat housing disaster | Washington Examiner .


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