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I Thought Humans Caused Global WARMING

November 16, 2008

I guess they can’t make up their minds.  According to The New York Times science section:

A new analysis of the dramatic cycles of ice ages and warm intervals over the past million years, published in Nature, concludes that the climatic swings are the gyrations of a system poised to settle into a quasi-permanent colder state — with expanded ice sheets at both poles.

They still claim that we will have “dangerous warming” in the short term and that we should still curb emissions, but we are heading toward cooler climates.

I don’t get it – is mankind heating up or cooling off the earth?  Or, as I have always maintained, do we have little or no effect on the climate at all and “climate change” is just a scam for a few people to gain/maintain power and transfer the wealth of nations such as the United States to poorer countries since that is “fair”?

I think it’s the latter and I think people who believe in “man-made climate change” or “man-made global warming”  are full of shit.  Yes, the climate changes, but that has happened throughout the history of our planet, with or without those damned “evil” Hummers.

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