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Catholic Bishops vs. FOCA

November 12, 2008

Catholic Bishops have vowed to fight the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) even at the expense of Catholic hospitals.  Good – they should stand for their beliefs.  Lifenews reports:

“The church is also resolute in opposing evil,” and the bishops are “completely united and resolute in our teaching and defense of the unborn child from the moment of conception.”

The bishops also expressed concern about FOCA because it could overturn protections for Catholic hospitals that don’t want to do abortions.

Some of the bishops, during the discussion, went as far as saying the Catholic Church should be willing to close some health facilities rather them allow them to be subject to a mandate to do abortions from the Obama administration.

The Catholic Church should not be forced to violate their own beliefs when they are performing such a service to their communities.  Ed Morrissey summed it up at Hot Air:

How serious are they?  So serious that they won’t bother to sell the hospitals.  They’ll shut them down and take the losses in order to prevent their use as abortion clinics.  To do otherwise, the bishops stated, would be to cooperate in the evil of abortions.

What kind of impact would that have?  The Catholic Church is one of the nation’s biggest health-care providers.  In 2007, they ran 557 hospitals that serviced over 83 million patients.  The church also had 417 clinics that saw over seven million patients.  If they shut down almost a thousand hospitals and clinics nationwide, the US would not just lose a significant portion of available health care, but the poor and working-class families that received the health care would have fewer options.

Also, the Catholic Church runs this on a non-profit basis, spending vast sums of its money to ensure access for those unable to pay.  That’s the kind of model that many on the Left believe should exclusively provide health care — and FOCA would spell the end of the major provider already in that model.


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