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The Real Choice

November 3, 2008

I came across this post by Dave Price at Dean’s World.  I think this may be the best summation of the choice we face tomorrow.  I just hope people really think about the choice they make although I don’t think many will.  They will vote for “change” and we’ll sure as hell get it.

Dave writes:

As our Founders gifted us with a Republic, in which we elect men and women to represent us, it is appropriate on the eve of an election to consider the character of the men who would be President.

You can choose a man who sacrificed for his country, putting his life on the line fighting for freedom, suffering years of harsh imprisonment and torture, and sustaining injuries that leave him still unable to raise one arm above the shoulder, or you can choose instead a man who spent much of his time associating with radicals and terrorists.

You can vote for a man who accepted public financing limits, or a man who broke his word to do the same and instead took the most money in election history, much of it donated illegally because he chose to make it very easy to do so by disabling standard credit card checking mechanisms.

You can choose a man who went against his party when he thought it right, or a man who was the most extreme in his party for the few brief years he served in the Senate, on the rare occasions he showed up to vote.

You can vote for a man who refused earmarks, or a man who gladly played along with pork in Washington and patronage in Chicago, and purchased a home in a shady deal with a convicted felon political fixer.

You can vote for the man who warned us Fannie and Freddie were making risky loans, or the man who took the most money from them.

You can vote for a man who will keep the lights on and utility bills down the next four years, or a man who promised to make electricity rates skyrocket and to bankrupt new coal plants, and who opposes new nuclear plants.

You can vote for a man who believes in American values of faith, self-determination and self-defense, or a man who says Americans in small towns cling to religion and guns out of bitterness, and that we must spread the wealth around.

You can choose a man who backed a deeply unpopular surge in Iraq that has brought us victory and honor, and given peace, security, democracy, freedom and hope to 25 million Iraqis, or a man whose plan would have by now abandoned a country with trillions in oil wealth to the Sunni extremists who bombed the World Trade Center on 9/11 and the Iranian-backed Shia extremists that regard Western freedoms as terrible sins.

You can vote for a man who adopted a child from a Third World country, or a man who abandoned his own relatives in a Third World country.

You can vote for character and integrity, or you can vote for hope and change.


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  1. Nice Site layout for your blog. I am looking forward to reading more from you.

    Tom Humes

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