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Obama’s Grandmother Says He Was Born In Kenya

November 2, 2008

At least that is what is claimed on the audio recording and the transcript posted at America’s Right.  Now, even the author, Jeff Schreiber, is not real sure of the veracity of the tapes, be he has put them out there.  I am not ever sure myself, but it is worth investigating.  I mean, Obama is trying to become president.  I shudder to think of the possiblities if he is elected and then we find out later he was not even eligible.

Schreiber writes:

As I wrote on Friday, this whole thing does not sit well with me. I’ve heard the tape, read the transcripts and the affidavits, and just don’t know what to make of it. I don’t particularly think that it smells right, but feel that IT IS NOT MY PLACE TO SUPPRESS INFORMATION.

Read the information, listen to the tape and decide for yourself. That’s how it should be, isn’t it? Stop with the agenda-setting, just give the information to the people and let them decide what they think. Personally, while I’ve been open to the idea that Barack Obama has not been entirely truthful with regard to his background, something here does not seem right.

At least he is being honest about the whole thing.  The audio is linked here and here.  Here is a copy of the transcript (JPEG file – click to enlarge):

Decide for yourself and see if the media bothers to look into this.


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