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Wired Magazine is Giving Horrible Automotive Advice

October 31, 2008

Robert Farago at The Truth About Cars posted this today.  Wired Magazine is advising, among other things, the following – turn off the key and coast in your car.  No, really.  Apparently, Wired doesn’t realize how dangerous this is what with the loss of power steering and brakes along with anti-locks and stability control.  And what happens when someone turns the key all the way off and locks the wheel?

Wired also advises you draft 18-wheelers for mileage.  I’m sure those truck drivers will love that and when they hit their brakes, you won’t have yours because the key will be off!

They go on to advise you to put your oil filter on with only hand pressure.  Otherwise, you may strip the threads.  Wired should stick to what it already doesn’t do well – technology.

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