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Will Racism Rule the Day?

October 31, 2008

I have heard several times during this campaign, but particularly in the last couple of months, that if Obama loses, it will be due to racism.  He won’t lose because of his policies or his anti-semitic, anti-American, and/or terrorist friends – it will be because he is black.  Susan Estrich is now the latest to join this chorus.

She writes:

It’s not just that Barack Obama should win because he’s ahead and the economy stinks and he’s run a disciplined and well-financed campaign while John McCain struggled for a message and chose a running mate whose inability to answer easy questions has left women embarrassed and fuming. It’s what it will say if he doesn’t. And what will happen if he doesn’t.

There is only one reason the polls could be this wrong. There is only one reason a contest that is not even close, that is somewhere between clobbered and landslide, could wind up with the other guy on top. Every pollster in America is not incompetent. Every pollster in America is not failing in precisely the same way when it comes to pulling a sample, screening for voters and assigning weights to the various groups.

The only way all these polls could be that far off is if people are lying in numbers never before seen in American politics.

Why would they do that?

You tell me it has nothing to do with race. I’ll laugh. What else could it possibly be?

It is too awful to think about, for reasons having nothing to do with what kind of president McCain would be and everything to do with what it would say about us, how we would see each other, the distrust and the anger that it would unleash. Obama could say all the calming words in the world — and I have no doubt he would — but it wouldn’t matter.

You are correct, Susan.  If people are lying, it is all about race – but not because they are racist.  It may be that people are lying to pollsters because they don’t want others to think they are racist.  Maybe the fact that so many people, you included, have said that it’s so obvious that Obama should be president that if you don’t vote for him, you’re a racist.  Maybe that’s why they lie.

Get a grip.


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  1. There are a lot of people that are racist, and will affect the vote. However, for better or for worse, our system is set the way it is. The idea of a vote is to get what the people want, and if the people want someone for his race or don’t want him because of his race… Well it is not the point…

    I would like to think the vast majority of people will vote on policy, nothing else.

  2. Jeff permalink


    I think you are right. I think most people will vote on policy. I do know I have asked a bunch of people why they are voting they way they are voting and the usual response from people is something like “I don’t like his views/policy on X”. However, when I have asked black people, many of them have openly admitted they are voting for Obama because he is black. Most of them have no idea what his policies really are.

    The local TV station did an interview with a 104 year old black woman who was voting again this year. She said on camera she was voting for him because he’s black.

    I would suggest there are many more black people voting for Obama due to race than whites voting against him due to race.

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