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Obama’s Campaign is Helping Identity Theives

October 29, 2008

In a post from October 23, I wrote about the way Obama’s campaign was allowing bogus donations in violation of campain finance law.  Today, Ed Morrissey at Hot Air wrote about how this is helping identity theives.  He got some opinions from credit card fraud specialists:

The first explains that Team Obama probably didn’t just opt out of using these verification processes, but more likely rewrote the code on their site to bypass them…


Another fraud-prevention veteran notes that Team Obama has at the least provided a testing ground for thieves looking to validate responses:

You may have mentioned this elsewhere, but disabling the security allows would be credit card thieves to “ping” numbers till they get a hit.  The number of “pings” should have raised flags at Visa and MasterCard, don’t you think?

I wonder if they warned the Obama campaign, or worse, ignored it.

In other words, a crook could simply type in random numbers until he found one sequence that worked in some fashion.  That could give a thief a starting point for committing credit-card fraud.  If all they had to do was type nonsense values for names and addresses, such as Doodad Pro, they could quickly determine which numbers were valid — and they could probably program bots to do that kind of work.

Thanks to Team Obama, millions of people now have to wonder whether they’ve been victimized by credit thieves.  Some of us wonder if the thieves aren’t really working at Team Obama in the first place.

The fact that Obama is willing to look the other way on bogus donations has increased the risk of identity thieves for many, many people.  The more I know, the more worried I become.  This man has no scruples and no honor.

  1. TAMU71 permalink

    As I understand it when the card holder gets their statement at the end of the month and they will challenge the fradulent charges to the card provider (bank). Under normal conditions the bank will then charge back the merchant (Obama Campaign) who authorized the CNP transactions. Will the campaign still legally exist at that time and who will get stuck for the charges? The bank? Do I sense another bail-out in the wind?

  2. Jeff permalink

    That is a good question. A bail-out for that wouldn’t surprise me.

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