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July 16, 2008

This is a sad season in Major League Baseball. It is sad because it is the last for Yankee stadium. Now, I’m no Yankee fan, but this is YANKEE FRICKIN’ STADIUM for cryin’ out loud. It is The House That Ruth Built.

Babe Ruth is the greatest player in the history of Major League Baseball. Period. He is the reason we have Yankee Stadium. He is the reason people care about home runs.

Last night was the final All Star game to be held at Yankee Stadium. Fittingly, it went into extra innings. For me, it was made more fitting when I saw the box score.

The combined score was 7 – seven is the number of times a team the Babe was on won the world series. The game went 15 innings – Babe played for the Yankees 15 years. The losing team scored 3 runs, Babe’s uniform number. There were 27 hits – 1927 was the year Babe hit 60 home runs.

Okay, so that’s reaching a bit, but it still sucks. Apparently, Yankee Stadium will be demolished. My guess is, many people won’t care. How sad…


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