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Democrats and military service

May 23, 2008

From Don Surber:

Democratic Sen. Barack Obama questions Republican Sen. John McCain’s commitment to the troops. CQ Politics has the video. McCain has the son in Iraq.

UPDATE: Linked by Glenn Reynolds. Thanks.

One further thought about military service. In 1988, Democrats denounced Dan Quayle for serving in the National Guard.

In 1992 and 1996, Democrats praised Bill Clinton for not serving.

In 2000, Democrats praised Al Gore for his Vietnam service while, again, ridiculing the National Guard, which Geeorge Bush served in.

In 2004, Democrats praised John Kerry for his Silver Star in Vietnam.

In 2008, Democrats mock John McCain for his 5 1/2 years in a North Vietnamese prison. Jay Rockefeller said (and apologized for) McCain lacks compassion for people because he was a jet pilot. Tell that to Bridget McCain. Tom Harkin called McCain too militaristic.

I wish they’d make up their minds. Is military service good or bad? Is combat service better or less? Is a man with a 100% medical disability from the military a good thing or bad?

One more thing, the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth feel that Kerry sold out the Vietnam veterans in 1971 when he testified that ours was the worst army since Genghis Khan. One vet knocking another so publicly is rare.

Those poor, confused Democrats just can’t make up their minds…


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